Saturday, December 17

thir. teen.

This is it, I've been thirteen for one week, exactly. I was blessed with so many presents, and memories, and am overall so, extremely, super duper, very-berry, cherry on top-ly happy.
This is it.
I. Am. A. Teenager.
I've had to break it up in my head almost every night. And I'm not quite sure it's sunk in. I had a gorgeous, colourful party and all my friends were so sweet and kind, it was overwhelming.

A special thanks to Millie, the necklace you gave me is incredible, I cannot get myself to take it off!

I've got to go to a BBQ,
With love... and cupcakes,

~ Lotus

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  1. Happy thirteenth birthday!!! Sorry I'm a little late! When I turned thirteen...I actually don't remember being all that excited about it... Haha, I'm glad that you're excited about it. :)


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