Saturday, January 7

one little word || 2012

There is this movement and it is called One Little Word. Instead of having a list, a very long list of things you want to complete {who needs that when they have a bucket list *ahem*}, they encourage you to pick one word for the year. A word you will follow, you will be able to hold on to through thick and thin. This word is a your bible, your light at the end of the tunnel for the whole of two thousand and twelve.

I have decided to take part in this. And after a lot of thought and options:

light, up, peace, story, nourish, art, bliss, believe, enjoy, cherish

I have chosen the word: relish

To relish is to enjoy, cherish, grasp and look forward to every single of those three hundred and sixty five days. To relish is to take control of your life, of your day. To relish is to enjoy the small moments that make you smile. To enjoy and be content with. To relish is to feel that rush of happiness whilst travelling and to love your friends, and family. And your enemies. To relish is to see beauty everywhere, and capture it with words and a camera lens (preferably a Nikon D3100) To relish is to be peaceful inside of you and live each day like your last. To relish is to dream, hope, and of course love.

What is your word of 2012?

2 thoughts:

  1. Nurture as in Nurture my family, my soul, my mind, my body, my environment with healthy nutrients. Stay away from tv commercials and mindless pursuits. Nurture what we (humans) have in common.
    May my Nurturing meet your Relishing!

  2. My word of the year is going to be balance. So the balance of life,
    the Yong-and-Yang.
    It's to always see the good and the bad, to understand.
    It's to know that even if there are bad things in the day, there will always be something good about it that will make it all worthwhile.


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