Monday, January 16

le happy

busy packing for a road trip
purple nails
this song -- jar of hearts
a three way phone call
sand and sunshiney everything
finishing a letter with "ox"
tumblr teenager posts that relate to how you are feeling
photography and driving your friends mad because of all the photo shoots you organise involving them twirling in the sunshine
a fresh start
finally having enough money to buy the nikon d31oo you've been saving up for decades (5 months)
simplicity and freedom
discovering that your nikon comes with a free strap, and that makes you very happy
your beautiful sister
tumblr {}
the excitement of going to the coast and the beach

this is my first "le happy" i hope you have enjoyed it.
p.s le happy is a list of things that make you happy at the moment.
and it also a time where you can write in lower case.



2 thoughts:

  1. Does this mean you already own a NIkon D3100?
    I'd love to see photos from it.
    So many wonderful things around that make us smile. Isn't it lovely.


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