Friday, January 27

yours truly

dear the guy of my dreams,
hey wanna come over and eat some pizza and watch a disney movie? and maybe fall helplessly in love? just a suggestion.
love from,
me (you know that girl that can't get over how green your eyes are)

dear dark and stormy cloud,
move over, i'm not afraid of you. 
twinkling star

dear my imac,
stop capitalising my words, i want them on lower caps.

dear fireworks,
you were pretty. and loud. i couldn't stop gushing over you. my favourite was the gold one that didn't make any noise and that sparkled and came really close to us.
love from,
one of the girls on the red and white checkered picnic rug

dear you-know-who-you-are
give it a break.

dear captain jack sparrow,
heh, i like you.
love, love, love from,
p-s i also like your way of speaking very much.

dear facebook,
bam, did you see that? i deleted my account. that's right i have better things than count how many friends i have. burn.
have a nice life buddy,

dear my two gorgeous friends,
i seriously don't know what i would do without you. no, seriously.
thanks for being there for me,
your always grateful,

dear life,
you can be hard can't you. yeah, you can. but we get through it don't we?
i am so immensely grateful for you, my family and friends.
and why can't i have two more weeks of school? i mean i only have a little, weensy, teensy one left. please?
i love you,

dear "live beautifully",
good bye, you have been replaced.
she liked me better,
yours i'm-very-sorry-about-your-loss from,
new motto: "just breathe"

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  1. dear lotus,
    thank you for all the wonderful things you post. I like the new look.
    love from a good friend.


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