Friday, February 3

my camera

Okay, I have news. No, not wimpy or unfortunate news. No. My news is bigger than an obese elephant in a bright pink bikini. My news is bigger than the distance from here to Pluto (where I shall no doubt have a tea party) and back. My news is bigger than my dream mars bar (which is pretty darn big). My news is that...

I have my NikonD3100!

I am so unbelievably happpy, I could hug I pineapple or something. Since, my mum forgot to get a pineapple yesterday at the fruit markets, I will give virtual hugs. 

to you. and you. you at the back, i don't like you, go away. and to you. and to the baby. and you too!

I'm so happy I might explode. I've been saving for a little less than a year, and in that period of time I have NOT spent a single penny. 

Now if you excuse me I shall go run around squealing and dancing in celebration.

With a lota love,


5 thoughts:

  1. Congrats! &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
    HAVE FUN!!!!!!!


  2. What an AWESOME camera! I can't wait to see your pictures!

    1. thank you, better than you nikon five gazillion? hehe. pictures are coming soon.

  3. Congratulations Lotus! Can't wait to see some pictures from it! Zahra.
    Take all the photos you can before school starts again.

    1. haha, my poor deluded zahra i shall be taking TONS of pictures during the school year, but don't worry i won't go all the way to bringing my nikon to school! thanks for commenting (:


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