Monday, February 6

the last day of summer

Back to school it is. I spent the last day painting my nails, removing the nail polish and painting them again -- that's what stress does to you. But nonetheless it was what I call a sunshiney day. I invited two of my closest friends over and we had a very long talk about the in's and out's of every subject and of school. Not to mention a whole lot of singstar (ABBA anybody?) -- my throat is killing me and yum chocolate brownies. I captured today with a ton of pictures with the help of my Nikon. Every time I hold it I feel all happy, and fuzzy.

My holidays have not been all popsicles and smiles but I'm okay -- I always am. And on this happy merry note, I look school in the eye and say "Bring it".

Thanks for your lovely comments -- I love you all.

With coloured pencils and pineapples,


4 thoughts:

  1. I have abba singstar too!



  2. Sometimes I wonder why I comment. I guess it's not the pleasure I get from it but the thought of you recieving it. Like giving presents at Christmas. Even if it's awesome to get them.
    School will be great this year. Just like every ohter year only better. Our relationships will go stronger with friends and family. We will have the heart to do what we have always wanted to at some stage (*_-). Hopefully we will meet tonnes of new people too.

    1. i couldn't agree more, thanks for that deep comment zahra! but at 10:00PM before school you should be in bed ^.- ahem, what does that wink smiley mean?

  3. I think i know what she means... hey Zoe?!!!
    School turned out fine though, didn't it? I think that I agree with Zahra: It's the best year yet!


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