Sunday, May 6

aims + goals for may

Here are my goals for May.

::: do any form of sport three times a week

::: yoga

::: spend less time worrying and stressing and more time living

::: take long walks outside to clear my head instead of spending hours on

::: when working at school or doing my homework doing it the best i can. when relaxing, also doing it the best i can

::: now that i've spent quite some time organising and simplifying my life, it is time to live it

::: stick with my true friends

::: stop comparing

::: get as creative as i can

::: enjoy autumn

What are your goals for this month to come?

be good,
eat a graham cracker and a marshmallow,
good job.


2 thoughts:

  1. Nice goals! I would like to eat healthier and excercise like crazy...and be friends with the friendless at school...

  2. How does drinking coffee make you creative?


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