Friday, April 27

what in the world does diy stand for?

DIY stands for 'Do It Yourself', right? A couple of weeks ago, I had zilch of a clue what it meant. I stared at that DOLLY magazine for a full ten minutes, without blinking going through all of the things it could mean. [The] Darkness In Yourself, Dancing In Yorkshire, Dodo In Yorkshire, Daniel In Yorkshire.
I don't know why Yorkshire always came up. Maybe I am drawn to it because I just so happen to be a Yorkshirian and no one has ever bothered to tell me.

Wait, is Yorkshire in England?

Anyways to celebrate my discovery (I think I looked it up on Google) I decided to get crafty on the net, and I found with the cutest printouts, DIY and such.


To Download:

Beautiful labels //  Oh The Lovely Things
Recipe Cards // Heartmade
Week at a glance // Oh The Lovely Things More lists and nicknacks at Mommy Tracked

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