Friday, April 27

may playlist

Hello all!

Look down. No, not at your lap, on the screen. Yes? See that pale purple bar, and see the play sign? I dare you to press it.
There we go.

That, my friends is my new playlist!

Here is what is on the menu:

What do you think?

be good,
watch the sound of music
and hold your breath



P-S You can stop holding your breath now.
P-P-S That's a good song "Don't Hold Your Breath".
P-P-P-S Darn I forgot what I wanted to write.
P x 4 -S I remembered! So, the 'My favourite things' is by this band, and it is quite eerie. But once you get past the robotic voice, it's quite groovy.

1 thoughts:

  1. Lovely music!
    at the moment my fav is One Direction!


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