Friday, May 18

one hundred airplanes

About six months ago I decided to catch airplanes. I was inspired by the book "Wish" by Felice Arena. Set in rural Australia, it tells the story of Seb, a simple minded boy whose brother told him that if he could manage to catch 100 airplanes, then he would be able to make a wish. To 'catch' an airplane, one must make a triangle with their the two thumbs and pointers, move the triangle so that the plane is smack in the middle and clap. (See the drawing below)  Since a plane is rare in Seb's town, he sets out on an adventure to Sydney to catch one hundred planes, his wish? To cure his mother from her cancer.

This book was a very touching and I believe that every book I have ever read has left a little part of itself in my life. After reading this book, I decided to 'catch' 100 airplanes. This was six months ago and I'm happy to say that I have caught 100 planes since.
I guess I didn't have a particular wish in mind, it might have been a challenge or simply an excuse to spend hours looking up and escaping into the sky scanning for a little white dot. At night it was magical seeing little twinkling lights appear one by one.

You might ask what I wished for, then, I would say that I couldn't tell you. So, that would be that. I will only tell you that it was worth the six months.

What book that you have read lately (or not so lately in my case) has inspired you? 

stay soft,
read 23 pages of a book,
and make a paper airplane,


2 thoughts:

  1. I know what you're going to say: "I can't tell you, it's a secret." But I can't sto myself from asking: "What did you wish for Lotus?" There are so many things you could wish to do or change but the question is, what did you pick?

  2. Oh, my dearest Lotus. What a beautiful, simple post. I am now on a quest to catch my own airplanes. And I will refrain from asking you about your wish, although I cannot help but wonder...


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