Thursday, May 24

on tumblr

So I'm sure everyone is super duper up to date and high-tech and all, but I only discovered tumblr about two weeks ago. And, frankly? I love it. It is such a beautiful concept and I can't get enough of it. From pictures to quotes to words, I have fallen in love. The end.

Feel like checking out my tumblr? Here it is:

okay folks, be good,
spend many, many,
hours on tumblr,
and start to like iced tea, but not normal tea,
normal tea is blah,

3 thoughts:

  1. Tumblr hasn't been around too long, do not fret over that, m'dear!! But I have never been "into" Tumblr as high-tech as I am. Perhaps I am too snobby and dislike everything similar to free web-hosting sites. Ignore me. But I will definitely check out your Tumblr!!

  2. No! Normal tea is good. Ice tea rots your teeth

  3. I agree with Soapie and you Lotus. I like Ice Tea but I prefer normal, british tea.


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