Sunday, June 3

i read in grey and colour

Do you know that feeling when you're reading a book and you just have to stop, and squeal, and sing, and burst, and swell and write something resembling? When you just have to press the book against your heart and share a quote, or two or maybe three to someone? When you get that feeling of utter dizziness and contentment all you can do is grin until it passes? When you can actually smell the characters and see them, touch them and grieve for them? When you just have to spin until the world goes foggy and you just collapse back onto the couch?
And then you simply pick up the book, and carry on reading?

  I do.

Happy June everyone.


1 thoughts:

  1. The love of reading is a gift not given to everyone.
    You are truly blessed if books come alive for you AND you take the time to come up for air just so you can plunge back in with both bliss and awareness.


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