Sunday, August 5


I was hit by the force of it in the shower. My hair was dripping, my finger drawing on the fogged up glass. First a Z. Than an O. And lastly a E. That was my name. I finished it off with a little line on the E. That was my accent.

It was then. I was hit by the magnitude of an idea. An idea for my first novel.

Yes, I'm thirteen. Yes, I am writing a novel. Yes, I am in love with poetry. Yes, I will be spending the rest of my Sunday sitting next to my computer. Writing away. The sunlight dancing on my fingers as they race to type up something big.

Writing is easy, easy as cranberries. You just need the passion, and then, you're set.


3 thoughts:

  1. Will we ever be permitted to hear more of this book idea? It sounds just lovely, a book coming from the mind of our beloved Zoe. Thank you for this beautiful post, m'dear, keep them coming.

    1. Sneak peeks are coming soon :) Thank you for reading xo

  2. Stumbled across your blog on accident...

    I'm an aspiring author myself; it made me so happy to know there are people my age with the same dreams! Looking forward to reading more. :)


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