Monday, August 13

london 12

Swimming, running, hurtles, horse riding, gymnastics what have you, I believe that Olympians (that is people who make it to the Olympics - just for clarification) work for their spot. The recipe to be in their spot is simple: a bucket loads of sweat, rivers of tears and sixty hours of training per week. I admire all these athletes so much, gold, silver, bronze, that isn't important, what is, is what they did for that spot.
They made it this far, and their determination is admirable.

Hopefully one day, I'll have the chance to be recognized and admired, just like those Olympians.

What do you think about the games?


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  1. I found ther Olympics wonderful in that the athletes can be so close to each other and yet still be closest rivals on the field. Their dedication not only to the years leading up to the Olympics is amazing but their resilience and the ability to cope under so much pressure. And the same time I really wish they game equally as much attention or even more to the Paralympics because not only have these people achieved amazing heights but they have done so while overcoming physical and/or mental disabilities. Their times and distances etc. might not be quite as great as the Olypians but their stories are even more so inspiring and overwhelming.


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