Thursday, October 4

to be creative

A couple of weeks ago, a good friend of mine, Caroline, came to school with a magazine slipped under her arm. Her and I like trading magazines and pouring over their pages when it is time for lunch, so I wasn't particularly surprised at the time. But what did surprise me, however, was the quality of this magazine. Design, Art, Photography, Fashion, Travel, Music, Craft, Home what have you, its' pages were like windows to the, sometimes faint, creative side of life. Magazines like this one (if you have to know, it was frankie. Another beautiful magazine is yen. I got both of them for the plane trip) triger the creative part of your mind to inspire you and instill a need to create.
They inspire me to learn to cook (I'm hopeless, my speciality is cup of noodles and fried egg), to write, take pictures and try all the different forms of creativity out there.
I suppose it is this message that I would like to convey to my blog readers: create. Not only with words and stories but through other forms of media too.

How do your creations take form?


P.S Links to any recipes would be much appreciated. I'm looking to expand my cooking skills.

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  1. My creations never take form because I think of them and then I'm too lazy to do them. Well, most of the time.

    1. I believe we may be in the same chapter. Maybe not exactly the same page, but definitely the same chapter. I can relate. At times, I am too busy or too lazy or too...something. At times, it just takes a single decision to break through that too-this and too-that. Then you end up with a bunch of watercolored organs plastered on your wall and you're wondering what the heck happened.haha

    2. Oh my, yes. Sometimes, you just go ahead. You do something, you don't always finish it, even though you try but it always ends up either with you questioning your sanity (again) or believing you're a genius or thinking that you're pathetic. Usually the latter...
      But sometimes, just sometimes, feeling like an artist happens and you feel amazing. It can be in anything, dancing (ballet around the house for me), writing (my old blog which I eventually became sick of because it made me feel pathetic), art (drawing for me), anything.

  2. I absolutely love this post because it has so much to do with what I have been musing over today. Less inspiration, more creativity. We are so inspired by so many different things other people have created. That is in no way, shape or form a negative thing, but how about we stop and create something to inspire others? Let's make something that'll be that inspiration for another someone who will then, in return, create something to serve as someone else's inspiration. Inspiration and creativity are beautiful when balanced. But then again, what isn't?

  3. Muffins :
    Cake :
    Cookies :

    Hope this helped and Good luck :)


  4. I enjoy reading about creativity because it is always hard to perfectly express inspiration. No one inspires you in the same way. Whether it is by a sprinter who has overcome injuries, a decathlete who has a drive in him, that force that keeps him going even if he has had no rewards for his dedication as of today, or it might be at artist like Leonardo Da Vinci who inspires you. Think about it, are there any two people or two things that inspire you in the same way? I would be interested to know if there where by the way, it is not a bad thing.
    Creativity is what allows us to inspire each other. We aspire to be each other, to find our way of sharing our knowledge and experience in our own special way. To me, that is what creativity means, not the size of my imagination (I don't think I could inspire people with my limited imagination!)
    On another note, Lotus, maybe try starting to cook with a few one-pot sort of reciepes like Sophie's chocolate self-saucing pudding down in the micro-wave.
    Most of all, have fun in the kitchen. That goes for all creations too.

  5. Hi! your blog posts are fabulous! i hope you had a great time in bali, could you maybe write a food blog? inspire people like me and you to try simple recipies? that would be great!

    1. I'd love to set up some sort of 'cooking corner' with all my little cookery endeavours... I'll definitely consider it. Thanks so much for reading xo


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