Sunday, September 30

interview || olivia + zoe

Picture credit: Olivia

What country are you in right now?
Z: Singapore
O: Singapore (with Zoé)

Do you like pomegranate?
Z: I have never tried pomegranate (except for the time when Lara had a pomegranate salad and let me try some) but I believe that I would enjoy pomegranate, especially since it has such a funky name
O: I do like pomegranate 

What is your favorite color to paint your nails?
Z: I like all things pastel, so I enjoy painting my nails pale pink or sky blue
O: I like to paint them either a clear very light pink or a dark watermelon pink. “Quelque chose classique” 

How many scars do you have?
Z: I have four scars
O: I have 3 (one from a cat scratching my face, and the rest? I have no idea how I got them)

When was the last time you had a hair cut?
Z: About nine months ago, I know, it's gross!
O : Somewhere in July I think

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Z: I wish to see myself traveling around the world, not yet settled with a husband and chasing my dreams
O: I want to see me traveling, doing exotic things like sky diving, and then working at the coolest job ever (I haven’t decided what the coolest job ever is yet though)

Favorite food?
Z: I particularly like gourmet pizza, pasta carbonnara with crispy ham bits and avocado + tomato (skin peeled off) salad. As fruit, I love peach
O:  I like burgers, pizza, pasta, and berries 

Favorite ice cream flavor?
Z: As sorbet I like blackberry, and as ice cream, cookie dough or chocolate
O: Cookie dough

Favorite piece of jewelry?
Z: A three way tie between my charm bracelet, my anklet and my Fatima hand necklace
O: My silver boomerang necklace with a little blue opal on it

Favorite flavor of lip balm?
Z: Vanilla lip shine and watermelon Baby Lips are my two favourites. Oh, and Burt’s bees honey lip gloss too!
O: Raspberry and watermelon!

Favorite season and why?
Z: l like intermediate seasons like autumn (or as Olivia says “fall”, which sounds so much nicer) and spring because they are the perfect (temperature + scenery)
O: I like fall because it is the most colorful season and the perfect temperature (but UNFORTUNATLEY there is no fall season in Singapore)

Most expensive thing ever purchased with your own money?
Z; Iris. My camera, which cost me a lot!
O: My bag it’s really very pretty!

Ever dyed your hair?
Z: Nope, but I wouldn’t want to either
O: Nope, but if I did it would only be because I had grey hair before I was 30, but I like the color of my hair now

If you wanted a tattoo what would it be ?
Z: I am probably not going to get a tattoo, but if I did, it would represent a butterfly or a meaningful quote, and it would be on my lower back
O: I am never going to get a tattoo, because it is to painful and I don’t really want one !

How many children do you want ?
Z: I wouldn’t mind 2-3 , but we’ll see what happens 
O: I am not sure, maybe 2-3 

Can you swim ?
Z: Yes I can swim. Fun fact : I can do a triple back flip in the water. 
O: I can, but nothing that impressive. I can stand on a pool noodle for 10 seconds without falling off?

Picture credit: Olivia

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  1. awesome! pls do another round of random questions!!!

    1. Sure will! You know how pro Olivia and I are with making up bizarre questions. Thank you for reading.

  2. This is to all readers,
    How about checking out and celebrating their 5th birthday while helping out others around the world. It's fun and all you have to do is answer questions or participate in a challenge set up by ricers all over. Hurry though, the party finishes on Sunday!

    By the way Lotus,
    How is Singapore? Done anything stupid or crazy with Olivia yet?

    I hope everyone is having a wonderful school holidays!


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