Monday, September 24

i am a dreamer

I want to travel the world and have a little box of keepsakes from each place.
I want to grow fruits and vegetables and learn how to cook.
I want a tall library full of books and poems and stories of life.
I want to appreciate all the little things, as they end up being the most important.
I want to wake up early and see a sunrise.
I want an adventure. I want many adventures.
I want to spend a night on a sailboat, getting rocked to sleep by the waves.
I want a soulmate.
I want to walk through the woods at night in pyjamas and flashlights.
I want to pick flowers and paint on Sunday mornings even if I'm not very good.
I want to take more pictures.
I want to skinny-dip.
I want to get caught in the rain.
I want lots and lots of stories to tell my grandchildren.
I want blankets and a place to look at the stars, speechless at my own insignificance.
I want best friends. Real friends.
I want a purpose.

I am a dreamer.
And I want to always be this way.


3 thoughts:

  1. But you're also a doer so you will accomplish all of this.
    [You probably mean paint rather than pain, right?]
    In any case, what I want is... to have many chances to visit you and hear all about your adventures.

  2. May I just ask... "Real friends." What might you be implying?

    1. Real friends are people who aren't shallow, who stand up for themselves and have a backbone. You might think that they are everywhere, but really? They are quite scarce. x


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