Wednesday, April 10

another point of view.

i'm always the one running around with my camera, taking snaps, telling people to "no, be natural, that's a creepy smile; i'm telling you PRETEND THE CAMERA ISN'T HERE". when i take photos i usually make people so annoyed they cringe when they see me whipping out the ol' nikon dthreeonehundred. (iris)

after reading this post; i decided to to something different. so, i found my little sister and told her that she'd be allowed full access to my camera for the whole day, that she could take photos of everything and anything.

but that there was one rule.

eyes wide.

she wasn't meant to deleted any of the frames she took.

 so that was that. without much of a push, she set out into the world of photography.

please look at each gem of a photo i've posted up here. the light, the softness, the details, because i seriously think my little sister has some talent up her sleeve.

4 thoughts:

  1. Love them! Especially that last one, it looks like a train is passing in the sky. Very Hayao Miyasaki-ish!
    I'd say Iris was in good caring hands.

  2. You are a wonderful sister! I especially love the last one. She is most definatley talented...and so are you. (:

  3. how old is your sister? that was so sweet of you. the last picture and the one of her feet are the loveliest.

  4. Make sure your little gift has everyone congratulations.
    It's beautiful you named your camera, Iris.


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