Tuesday, April 2


There was electricity in the air, it was buzzing and the world was bustling; bulging with the sounds of tapping on desks and people (So many people whom she'd seen for her whole life, but didn't really know. She didn't know the dusty corners of their hearts; or much of their life for that matter. She only saw the facade they gave themselves.). Truth be told she felt lost in this part of the world, not that she had known much different, but it was all too unknown, too everything. How would she go about bustling, and talking, and laughing like all these other people?
She felt detached, almost forlorn; that detail in the photograph that just doesn't seemed right. Yes, that was it, she was photoshopped in the busy classroom, with the balls of paper being flicked from one side of the room to the other. The snickering also, bouncing around, becoming louder and louder; pounding. 
She didn't feel particularly superior (as they all thought she was); no, of course not, how could one be superior when one was so not-ready-for-life as she was, she just felt that it was all fake.
The smiles, the laughs, the friendships.

Who knows?

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