Tuesday, April 30


I've spent my first two days at school and I'm feeling broken.
My legs are tired from over four hours of running, and exercising, my head is buzzing, and I am really feeling the pressure of school and getting good marks and being kind and basically being perfect.

It's funny how in a couple of days, everything can change, I'm not talking about anything drastic, just many disappointments. I wish school wasn't so hectic.

I have this friend you see, and she is so easy going, breezing through life with a smile and glimmer in her eye. She listens, achieves extremely well at whatever she puts her mind to and can always make you laugh. Sometimes I wonder why I can't be like her, and not only enjoy the holidays and the weekends but also understand that there is pressure and that there is hard hard work and that there are tears, but that it's worth it. I really need to get me a it-will-be-okay-in-the-end attitude instead of collapsing like the way I do sometimes.

I'm off to fix myself with a book before I go to bed. 

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  1. I'm a collapser, too. I get overwhelmed. I understand that, and I'll be praying for you!


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