Friday, June 7

three good || three bad.

good things:
one| i'm trying to choose fresher, more organic produce for my cookery projects. thanks to mama's book & her dashes to the shops, i'm cooking a large range of different dishes that are simple yet delicious.
two| tonight is a quick vietnamese soup, and then we're going to a free-screening of a french movie.

three| i have lovely circle of friends, i am so grateful for all these girls (and a couple of guys, lately, actually) who support me, and especially who make me laugh. one of my close friends is also organising a disco for her fifteenth, which should be so much fun. this is something to look forward to.

less good things:
one| i'm preparing for my huge exams (we've been studying for them for about three years) that determine... quite bit. my weekend is a frenzy of stressing out, studying, and trying to get rid of all my other assignments to have time to study for these major exams. ahh, too much stress folks, too much stress.

two| i'm finding it impossible to be 'amazing' at all my subjects. when i apply myself to, say, french literature, bam, english goes down to a B. obviously i don't expect straight As, but i just wish i didn't have to prioritise subjects over others.
three| yes i have amazing friends, but there are also people who are so narrow minded. whether they be teachers or kids my age or people walking down the street. not everyone has a rosy personality, people can just be cruel.

p-s this photo collage is not mine, (source), i just thought it was so powerful that i wanted to share it.

2 thoughts:

  1. the photo collage is beautiful wow.
    good luck with your exams. it's so amazing that you learn french literature, i really don't like the way i'm taught languages at school.

    1. thank you so much!! yes, but it's hard work. phew :'( thanks for reading! xx


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