Tuesday, July 9

there is always a story | a project

I'm so excited to announce the beginning of a project (you know how I am with projects, I cannot seem to stick to one, and go about scribbling, doodling, scheming until, pop, another idea for a project comes to mind)!

I love photography. I've learnt that just because you have a fancy shmancy Nikon D3100 (incidentally called 'Iris') doesn't mean your photos are more valuable or 'better'. Through the lens I slip into an observer. I shed my extrovert personality for a couple of minutes, or even hours, and observe. I look at how the light falls on my subject, how their shadow mingles with other dark shapes, the many different way I could capture the moment or the story (this doesn't mean that sometimes I just kind of snap away maniacally hoping to get at least one nice-ish photo).

Poetry is also a major part of my life. I call myself a poet, but really, I'm just a girl running around with a notebook and pen trying to convey her thoughts about the world around her in decent words. It usually isn't a success, but yes, I do love reading (and writing) poetry.

This project will combine my poems and photography to tell a story... a double experience.

Please have a look at the 'there is always a story' project here (it's super bare at the moment so let's not expect wonders right away), and feel free to tag along either by:
  1. following it on tumblr
  2. shooting me an email or a comment sharing any links or words to inspire me on this year long journey (I'm going to need all the inspiration I can get)
  3. learning more about it on the 'about the project' tab
  4. 'reblogging' or 'hearting' my creations
  5. or by sharing it to your readers (I'd be so grateful!)
'there is always a story' has barely been launched but I'd like it to grow as a community project involving all those photography and poetry lovers out there who have their own stories to tell (it will involve some interviews and other surprises).

Stay tuned,
(You guys are awesome by the way!xo)
lotus m.

7 thoughts:

  1. This sounds like so much fun!

  2. oh that is amazing! poetry and photography are so beautiful, especially when they're combined. good luck with your project.

  3. oh goodness, i love this idea so much! i will definitely keep checking up on it.

  4. This is something I honestly feel is really needed in the blogging community. I can't wait to see its upcoming ventures and wish you all the luck and all my support!

  5. Hi Zoe, your project blog is so beautiful and I was going to reblog one of your photos/poems but they aren't reblogabble? Also on your main blog there is no option to ask a question.
    I wasn't sure if this was the way you wanted them but I really would like to reblog off you :)

  6. to reblog a picture, you have to click on it, and then on the top right corner push a button labelled 'reblog'. i know it's a little iffy... tell me if you have a any other questions!
    (oh and thank you so much to erin, storyteller, -a, rachel and gabby, your comments made me smile)


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