Saturday, August 3

a mish mash

I think it's time for a blog post.

Here are some mis-matched (mish mash, more like) of my thoughts at the moment:

- This excerpt from Susan Gilman's 'hypocrite in a poofy white dress':
'In my undying callowness and naked bid to be loved, I was endlessly reinventing my personality, nipping and tucking it here and there. [...] My personality, when I really thought about it, was a perpetual motion machine of self-invention.' This author amazes me as not only she is the just the right amount of honest and sarcastic but she writes with such ease, her words are perfectly chosen, her stories vivid and relatable. 

- I'm feeling grateful at the moment. Blessed, really. Because lately, I've actually pushed out of my comfort zone, and learnt to be more open about things. 

I've figured out that the more accepting and open one is, the more they will receive in return. For example, I've met this girl and she has stars in her eyes, and the universe in her soul. I feel like taking her hand, flipping it over, and looking at the fortune lines on her palm. i'm sure they would be different than the other fourteen year old's inner-hands, probably deeper, or thinner.

All I know is that girl is going to do great things in her life, and I am blessed to have known her.

Daehyun Kim (I see you and the sea of you) 
- I've strangely started forgetting about guys, and whether I was pretty to them, and constantly worrying about what they thought of me, and if I was giving them the wrong impression. 

I've come to the conclusion that I'm enough.

This might sound cheesy (I have the knack to sound cheesy) and to some maybe utterly crazy but I don't think I need a boyfriend or a small top that hugs my curves to be noticed. I'm me, and that should be enough.

Let's finish off with some organic, orange, hairy carrots that we bought at the Farmer's Market (just because) .

I hope you enjoy your week,

4 thoughts:

  1. Hi Lotus!
    It's nice to hear from you again.
    I totally understand though.
    This is definitely one of your most meaningful blogs so far in my eyes. I love it!
    "I see the sea of you" XD

  2. oh, lotus, so glad for this post. and i'm especially glad you've come to find enough in yourself. i'm starting to realize this myself as well. and if a boy ever feels like he needs anymore than "you", he's not the one for you.

    ps. i love your "there is always a story" page! i almost fell out of my chair when i read the death one and how you used a bit of the book thief for that (i love that book).

  3. Loving your blog! So cute :)

  4. Of course you don't need a boyfriend or top! You are awesome just for who you are :) Keep believing that!




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