Thursday, July 18

bless this mess

x listen (album :: "bless this mess", by lisa mitchell) x

the end of winter break ...

things I will miss

+ bubble-blowing in the garden

+ lazing around, doing not much at all

+ borrowing music from the library (yeah, I didn't know that was possible either!) such as lisa mitchell's beautiful album: bless this mess. / link above

+ grey skies, overcast weather giving me an excuse to read in the warmth

+ little every day adventures

+ the non-drama of the holidays (I'm not looking forward to the rush-rush-rush-no-don't-look-up-from-your-studies-to-enjoy-life-sorry-that's-not-tolerated)

+ going to the cinemas in the morning, as opposed to during nighttime - just because

+ impromptu baking or cooking at any hour

things I'm looking forward to

ok. no, guys I'm determined to make this work, positive attitude.

+ the new teachers, the new school-year. I'm also looking forward to the all the new things I'm going to learn and the new approaches I'll take.

What about you? What have been the highlights of your break?

Have a lovely weekend, friends.


lts m

4 thoughts:

  1. HI Lotus Marina! :)
    I haven't commented in a while so thought it was time to share.
    Highlights of the winter break:
    - Catching up with friends
    - Visiting family members from a far
    - Not worrying about anything except sleep and happiness :)
    - Family time
    - Personal space
    - Time-out to take a breather.
    Holidays are the best gift. We only appreciate them when they are over. It's such a shame we don't realise how gifted we are in the moment.

  2. i lie how you go in the mornig to the cinema(:
    that sounds fun

  3. my holidays are just beginning and i'm determined to at least try to leave my bed let alone the house haha. i love to go to the cinema in the morning it's so nice.


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