Monday, August 19

they were in love but it just didn't work

they were in love but it just didn't work out (there is more, you see)
she was strong
yes, a very strong woman, with a fire in her soul 
but when she was with him
she had sea water in her eyes,
she was pushed down by his conceited and hard ways
on the outside, she was stern 
on the outside, he was tall and blue-eyed
(isn't it always the eyes? they give nothing away, they make you forget)
but inside, once you dug a little bit,
and sat with her when the sun was setting 
she would open her heart
and let everything pour out: her light tumbling out

when you sat with him, he couldn't look at you in the eyes
his forehead-wrinkles were deep, they were the only thing that gave him away
and that wrinkle in the middle of his eyes, just above his nose


but he can get you anywhere, he can, at any high class event, 
he can get you there, and he swims in fake luxury for
just an hour more
and he forgets the          bitter

so when she left, with me in tow
he gave me a paintbrush (just before the plane) and helped me paint a picture of him.

a self-portrait of sorts. maybe.
(any toy from target m'dear, have a bubble-bath, paint your nails red if you'd like)

and it took me a while. it took me a while to see past the glitter,

and into the truth.

3 thoughts:

  1. so beautiful, too beautiful.

  2. this is beautiful <3

    xoxo, elisabeth

  3. Everything you write is so beautiful. You are so talented! xo


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