Tuesday, August 27

no, i'm not messing with you: i actually did go to a party

A couple of days ago, it was my first time going to a dance party hosted by the school. For a couple of years, I had always pushed these dance parties aside classifying them being 'lame' and thinking that they consisted solely on a couple of enthusiastic 16 year olds making out in front of me and a group of other very socially-challenged kids.

It wasn't like that, I am glad to report.

I dragged two of my friends with me on the Thursday and we arrived at the hall. The yawn-oh-my-assembly-is-really-quite-boring hall that I've known all my life had turned pretty hip in just a couple of hours. DJ? Check. Drinks (no alcohol folks) and Food. Kinda check - $4 for a Sprite? I don't think so. Really good looking guys already on the dance-floor? Check. A weird platform with flashy lights that kind of hurt your head and bore into your skull, but hey it's a party, parties are fun? Check, check, check.

The music was really loud, booming and caused our ears to ring well after midnight, but maybe it wasn't and I'm just not used to parties.

The theme was 'cops and robbers', but not many people went with it. You know those girls who manage to adapt a short skirt and a crop top to any dress-theme? And to any season? Yes, well, there were a ton of them in the crowd. There were also girls that had gone all out and had raided the costume-shop for a sexy yet still P-G cop outfit. The fact that they could find a sexy yet still P-G cop outfit in the little town I live in is beyond me...
And then there were the boys in the symbolic plaid and jeans. Ah, how we love the boys and their efforts.

source: joy divisions album cover

(P-S Thank you for your encouragements with my poetry... They actually do mean so much and they encourage me to keep writing.  As well as this poem.)

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  1. That does sound alot of fun, I wish my school could do something like that :)

  2. "Ah, how we love the boys and their efforts." hahaha, love it.


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