Friday, September 20

books that make my world that much better

A collection of my favourite books from lotus marina on Vimeo.

Enjoy! x
- lotus m

P-S Next post is My Words And I's 200th post... Any ideas of ways we can celebrate?

5 thoughts:

  1. wow you are so beautiful and i love your accent! don't worry so much about your grade; what you learnt and experienced throughout the project is worth way more. :-) this video was lovely btw. if you make another one it would be nice to hear you read some of the poems you like and maybe talk about it - your mini reviews are good. :-)

  2. oh, lotus. can i please have your accent? your voice is quite enchanting. but really, the video was extraordinary, and i'm going out to get every one of those books now.

    "the brother turns into a chair... yeah." oh, i laughed much too hard at this part.

    lovely, lovely, lovely post. i'd be absolutely thrilled if you kept these videos up.

  3. I agree totally with these two thoughts. Your reviews are so honest even if there are occasional spoilers :P
    It's lovely to see you expressing yourself in a new innovative way :D

  4. I hope you do a part ii! I liked what you had to say about TFIOS; I've been skeptical of reading it for the very reason you mentioned, though I think I might want to read it now.
    ps. you are just so cute. xo ;)

  5. e.e. cummings is the greatest human alive.... and i loved your reviews and i really want to read the lemon cake book now!!!! like, a lot. hehe. your blog is really, really cute and really, really great! :)


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