Thursday, October 3

the two hundredth post

The thing with 200th posts is the same with New Years and birthdays and anniversaries. Not only do you celebrate and get all excited and promise to change or to improve and make a ton of resolutions, but you look at the past.
In this case, I'd just like to point out that we've come a long way. Four years back (Give or take...) this little corner of the Internet was called 'Dreams' and I used it to share with the cyberworld my 10 year old interests and preocupations. I guess being that young, my parents where right to implement a few rules: they can't know your name, or your dog's name (something about potential bank account passwords? I don't know), or where you live. And no photos of you. Or your sister for that matter. But they weren't really the control freaks I make them out to be, they were supportive and always cheered when I acquired another follower. This little blog wouldn't have been anything without them. Gosh I sound like I'm accepting an Oscar.
But really, a huge thank you to you guys: for always beeing so nice and supportive (I've never ever had problems with spam or hate mail on here), for willing to read my writings and being okay to have a look at my photography. So many bloggers have inspired my work, it isn't even funny, so thanks to them.
On here, I don't need to hide behind a facade or label my thoughts and feelings, it just comes out you know? Super freely, and in a bit of a mess.
But as Lisa Mitchell says 'But what a beautiful mess it is, bless this mess.'

lotus marina
P-S I AM IN HOLLAND AS WE SPEAK. That's why it's a little quiet on this end. I'm having a ravishing time with Ikea, Normand, Poc, Sidekick and Cheetah, the chickens living in our garden here. Oh did I mention that 'here' is in a cute beyond cute cottage straight out of one of Henderson Brother's fairytales? Have a great day folks, and I'll keep you up to date with my trip around Europe. :)

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  1. aw this is so cute, enjoy your time in holland my lovely!


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