Wednesday, October 30

wisps of thought

What I'm writing, here and there, isn't all that good.
But at least I'm writing again and at least I've brought myself to face the reality of life.
And I'm OK.
Here are some snippets of my thoughts.

and you are alive and your head pounds but it is a good kind of pounding.
like the rhythm of your favourite song
boom boom
you can't get your head around the largeness of it all,
and you think that no one could take that away from you
and gradually you grow older
and your head hurts, but not like it used to.


when your mind is numb, you can justify.
the poverty, the pain, the un in unfortunate
push it away like a bad smell.
"why should I care, it has nothing to do with me?"
one can also create when the mind is just mush and it's late, and everything becomes much
maybe that's why the numb survive and the fiery don't.


love should never be a reflex.
"I love you"
"me too"


when my feet find which parts of the wooden floor creak and when they purposely step on these parts,
I wonder if my life plays the same game with me.

3 thoughts:

  1. the second to last one is perfect, and it sums up exactly what i've been thinking. these are beautiful, lotus.

  2. oh my god lotus these are all such beautiful little writings. i seriously love the way you think. it all has a realistically melancholy tone though. :-( i hope you honestly are okay. i'm glad you're writing again, i am too. i hope you don't mind but i've put the last little writing up on my wall because it is so so so impeccably written. have you ever written like a short story or a book or something? if you haven't i really think you should consider it.

  3. The last 2 sentences hit it absolutely perfectly...


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