Monday, January 13

lisa, tavi and emma... oh and the f word

This time last year I had no clue what Feminism meant, or if I did, I thought it meant women running down the street, banging on pots and pans showing off their unshaven armpits for the world to see. Though I wasn't all that far off, there is one type of feminism that I am very intrigued by, and has not much to do with clamorous banging on kitchen-ware.

It goes off the belief that women don't need men to be happy, they don't even need God to be happy. They obviously can let themselves be guided by one or the other or by both or whatever but it is not a necessity. That women can be beautiful without conforming to absolutely every (dodgy) rule set by society. That a woman's goal in life can be something else than marrying and having kids. That a woman can have an opinion just as worthy and as interesting as a man's (if not more!).

So if you just rolled your eyes while reading that last paragraph, indulge me for just a second here. Though my little feminist streak isn't for everyone, I must say it is making me look around at the women out there who really are changing the world in their own way. 

So without further ado... here are my mini feminist idols!

Three words: singer, Australian & whimsical
Favourite piece of art: her amazing album Bless this Mess
Other groovy notable traits: her accent & innocent gaze

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  1. I love this post! I've become a lot more interested in feminism lately too, so I'll definitely go and check Lisa Mitchell out xo


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