Tuesday, January 7

movies / vlog post

So here is a collection of my favourite movies. Ever. Have a look at them 'cause their worth it. Excuse the really abrupt beginning, I had trouble with iMovie and it kind of chopped the movie in two and gah, sometimes technology and me do not work out too well. (It cut off my very inspiring talk on the movie Zoolander)

Oh and the minute I finished this video - a while back, like 3 weeks ago - I actually got a call from a DVD rental store I'd applied to, telling me that I HAD GOTTEN THE PART-TIME JOB so I basically couldn't stop laughing because of how ironic it was that I was talking about movies when they called.

Anyhow, it's summer here in Aussie-land, and I'm lovin' it. I was also inspired by Abondance and Rookie to START MY OWN MINI ZINE. So I'm doing that over the summer. Yay!

2 thoughts:

  1. i can never get tired of listening to your voice! your accent is beautiful.

    and congratulations on getting the part-time job!

  2. I'm reading the Virgin Suicides right now and I love it, so you've just convinced me to watch the film! And wow that's weird, I was going to start my own zine too but I'm a bit lazy so it might not happen. Let me know what yours is about though because I'd definitely love to read it! xo Kate



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