Sunday, February 23

the amazing pop culture quiz

So I'm kind of a sucker for quizzes... And I guess on one hand you guys get to see how stunning my hand writing is and on the other, I get to feel like a celebrity being interviewed, win-win.

Please go ahead and answer these questions too - it's good fun - either in the comment section or on your blog. (Have a go with the 'Choose a Side', that was my favourite part).


3 thoughts:

  1. Well, this is glorious. I might have to do this on my blog, too. You make me want to go thrifting now! And I love your little doodles :) So cute!

  2. last thing that inspired you? the runners. (
    what do people think you do? be awesome all the time.
    what do you actually do? be awesome more than all the time.
    favourite actor/actress? tom hiddleston, andddddddd i don't even know for the women. i like a lot of them.
    favourite tv show? the big bang theory.
    worst movie you've ever seen? home alone 4. eugh.
    who would you play in the tv show of your life? the pizza delivery guy.
    your top five films? in no particular order: the great gatsby, dead poets society, star trek into darkness, the avengers, her.
    draw your ultimate sundae: uhhhhhhhh does this work? ( (incidentally not my photo but whatever)
    future or past? does it matter? we can't relive any of it. yet.
    sofia or wes anderson? wes.
    popcorn or ice cream? ice cream. duh.
    comedy or thriller? thriller with awkward yet funny moments.
    colour or b&w? depends.
    LA or paris? LA, atm.
    trampoline or rollerblade? rollerblade.
    dark or white chocolate? WHITEWHITEWHITEWHITEWHITE WOW YUM.
    sloth or bby hedgehog? MARTIN FREEMAN
    brittany or asparagus spears? holla vegets.
    book or documentary? depends on how well the documentary is shot.
    sleep in or early riser? sleep. oh yes.
    rainbow or shooting star? stars. <3

    1. sorry, but the 'sloth vs. hedgehog' answer: PURE GOLD. :)


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