Tuesday, February 25

tuesday last wisps of thought

I painted my nails metallic yesterday and three people came up to me and literally told me that they hadn't pictured me as the type to paint my nails black. I told them that 1/ it was metallic, and that 2/ it made me feel like Lorde-y and Beca-y (from Pitch Perfect) and altogether pretty rebellious and grungy and that 3/ I didn't know there was a "type" who painted their nails black. They gave me a really weird look.

Everything is about types.
I'm pretty happy about my position when it comes to conforming. I'm not some sort of riotous cult-leader promoting fungi and cinnamon based hand cream, but I do enjoy being... well, different.

There are these girls in my class who are really intensely preparing for the formal (prom, ball, dance?), some of them have bought up to three dresses, and are going to pick according to their mood on the day. Pretty crazy, right? I'm kind of dreading the whole lead-up to it (I mean there is so much stuff happening between now and DECEMBER!!)... But, then, I guess there is still a part of me who would like to dress up in a dress and feel like a princess for one night.

Anyhow, I was just hanging out with some amazing people who are quite older than me and they said they always struggled with high school because of the clear distinction between the 'herd' and the 'outcasts'. I guess it's a rite of passage then...?

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  1. beautiful blog! thank you for dropping by mine ;)
    I agree wholeheartedly...

  2. Gosh, I love how you write! You have such a distinct voice. I am absolutely shocked -- you're telling me these girls bought THREE dresses?! Gah! You're totally right; everything is about types. But it shouldn't be. After high school, people pigeonhole themselves less, thank goodness.

    1. I agree!! /\ yes you write beautifully :)


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