Wednesday, March 5


At my school, we have what some people call the "bogans". Kids as young as seven or eight learn to push away the same kids that of their age but who have less fortunate backgrounds than them. They learn from the older ones that those who don't go to all their classes (who "wag"- I really don't know who comes up with this Australian slang), and who apparently smoke and who have a new 'boyfriend' every week are called "bogans".

It was last year, when our french teacher was telling us about our natural instinct to push away people whom we don't understand, that I realised that labelling these kids as "bogans" didn't even give them a chance to step out of their bubble and, say, be interested in something or be surrounded by friends. Instead of getting to know them and their stories (which are probably more full-on and interesting than ours will ever be), we exclude them.

Because that girl with the pierced upper lip, with the mood-ring hair, that has gone stringy and damaged, well I think that it's more than her hair that's damaged. Because even if one day she wakes up at a hotel room in an unknown bed and she looks at the dark ceiling and thinks "Oh my, I think it's time to get on with my life" she won't be able to relive the past. I think it will even be hard for her to accept that a chunk of her life was spent giving her body away like a pamphlet and that she can never get that back. But I hope that when the time comes she will be able to pick herself up and conquer.

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  1. Your maturity astounds me. Such a strong reminder to not allow judgmental instincts take control of our bodies

  2. this is very interesting lotus. i agree with what you say. labels can be so damaging. do you know about self-fulfilling prophecy?

    1. nope, what is it? i might have to check that out on the net :) thank you so much for taking part in the amazing pop culture quiz! xx

  3. hi lotus! i finished the quiz! thank you SO MUCH for tagging! (oh i ♥ your blog it's so cool!)

    x Trisha


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