Monday, June 23

a little list about life

inspired by lillian's life things and unmaiden's 100 things I will teach my daughters

1. forcing yourself to wear makeup, drink, diet or have sex just because other's are doing it is not cool.
2. girls get half the amount of airtime boys have in class because they are scared to give the wrong answer. speak up and be ok with being corrected. being confident does not equal being bossy or a know-it-all.
3. find your favourites. figure out your favourite macaron flavour, TV show, subject etc. and watch them change and evolve over the course of your life. welcome change.
4. learn from thick novels, from a stranger's phone-call, from unspoken lyrics and from your parents. never give up learning, because learning is growing and where would we be without growth?
5. perfection is unattainable. quality is.
6. (let's get ready for some seriousss metaphors)
don't build your little house on soil that belong's to somebody else, don't let your well-being and happiness heavily depend on anyone else but yourself. furnish you're own home, decorate it with odd objects and memories. plant seeds in your garden, tidy up your room, let the light pour in and do whatever you feel like damn it! you don't even have to put up a welcome mat if you don't want to.
7. toast anything and it'll become yummy.

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  1. you go, girl. this list is on point.
    thank you for sharing. xx


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