Sunday, July 6

"Self-Discovery, A Path Unknown Yet Mystical"



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Lately I have immensely enjoyed yoga-practice. It clears my mind and brings me back to the basics. My breath, the earth and my body. It makes me feel connected to something much greater than myself and my day-to-day worries.

However I have a feeling that I am just chipping at the surface of something larger, much more beneficial. I feel that in spare time, especially in the next couple of weeks (which happen to be the holidays - yay!) I should be spending more time indulging in more things that make me feel connected, that make me feel fulfilled, whole.

(I admit, this does sounds a bit weird, like a chapter pulled straight out of one of those books in incense-smelling stores that don't make much sense entitled: Self-Discovery, A Path Unknown Yet Mystical And Definitely The Key To Educational Success.)

I set myself mini goals (the whole list might be a bit too private to share in such a public space) in order to appreciate the things that give my life meaning.

I want to find my own way when it comes to food for example. This does not mean that I will go on a massive diet or starve myself, but I think that challenging myself to cook meals completely made out of whole, fresh, unprocessed foods once in a while could help me get into the good habit of eating well and respecting my body.

Other resolutions include...

  • reading in French more
  • adding to the list I have saved on my desktop called: "Things to check out (because it's time to get out there taste wise)" which covers anything from nifty cafe shops I have seen in the corner of my eye but not managed to check out to movies I have spotted at work (I work at a DVD rental store)
  • spending less time on the computer and on my phone - maybe even opting for no-electronic Fridays
  • writing more lists
  • stepping out of my comfort zone more often, and being OK with rejection / failure / stuffing up
  • worrying less of what other's think of me

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