Monday, May 1

sleep on the floor

LISTEN | Lumineers, Sleep on the Floor

My first year of uni is behind me. I'm still creating stuff (poems, collages, mood boards, sound vignettes, journal entries). So those are two good things. One bad thing is that my mattress is being delivered Saturday and I'm moving into my apartment (and out of residence!) on Tuesday. Is it good or bad for your back to sleep in the floor?

A lot of families are helping their kids move out of residence. It's weird to see adults in such a teenager-filled space. Their daughters and sons shift awkwardly in the lobby while their parents negotiate the price of cardboard boxes. They avoid eye contact with the others. They must think that it is a sin to bring their parents into our too-loud, weed-smelling, smooshed-cafeteria-pastries, dirty-corridored bubble. All of it just makes me miss my family more.

I am excited to move into my first apartment after tomorrow. Once we get the keys, I want to race up and down the apartment barefoot with the windows open. I want to show every inch of the place to my family on Skype. I want my sister to inspect my room through the pixelated screen and tell me whether she approves of it. I want to plaster my walls with cut-outs and images that mean a lot to me. With my flatmates, we have decided to buy mismatched furniture from second hand stores. I am looking forward to drinking tea in a creaky armchair. I will lie on the floor sometimes (even after I get my mattress). It will be mine and mine and mine (and also Amelle's and Camille's and Chloe's) but also mine and mine.

Meanwhile here are some portraits of me that aren't selfies taken in the last week of school.


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