Sunday, January 9

2Oth post!!

Hello all,

It is the hollz. I'm going into yr 7 in a couple of weeks. Once the holidays are finished. High School in Australia, Middle School in America. So many changes. I'm not sure if change is something I enjoy. It's something to get used to. And then the moment you have, you guessed it, change. I am in the US visiting my Dad. I have been for.. 2 wks. 1 more to go. I've been quite busy, couldn't blog. Anywho, this is my 20th post: yay! Another thing to celebrate: 2011! Resolutions: have a wonderful year, full of ups, downs, twists, turns, full of fun, happiness, serenity, wonder, smiles and joy. I want to spend time with my family and friends, get organized for my 1st year of High School: books, labels, subjects. See the world in different perspectives, meet different people. Form my personality, find out who I am and what I want in life. Learn. Travel. Have fun. Adventures... All of this. I don't want it given to me as a gift, I want to work to it. Have a goal. Reach it. Comment your resolutions.
On a different subject: I am reading Twilight. Everyone says it's brilliant and all. Me being me, I had to see for myself. I am up to... 3/4 of the book? Around that. I think it's very well written, maybe just a leeetle repetitive at times. The subject is a tad tacky (two lovers split apart because of their nature) and has already been used (two lovers split apart because of their family... Romeo & Juliet) but Stephenie Meyer wrote it brilliantly. Not my fave book but definitely got me hooked. 16.5/20 I'd rate it. Comment your rating.
And last but not least... Another fun video. Thanks to Izzy for showing me this! And Ari. Real funny. Only prob. Cannot download directly... *SIGH* So here is the link:

Orright well, bye to all! Happy New Year!!
AND, Happy 20th post my blog!!

:) :) :)

- Zoé

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