Wednesday, January 12

Missing you

My heart clenched up,
Into a little ball,
I miss you so,
Memories flooding,
My eyes fog up,
I feel weak and limp,
Don't know what I feel like doing,
I count the months, weeks, days,
I miss my ritual,
The jokes and laughs,
My room and house,
I miss a lot, too much to state,
I have so much to tell you,
That when I finally see your face,
I forget all,
I just want to burry my face in your hug,
And stay there,
Forever silent,
Just breathing in your smell.

~ Zoé ~

2 thoughts:

  1. hey!! :) Long time since i read your blog, or since i even blogged.
    Nicely written, I liked it. Pretty good :)

  2. :) thnxx! yes, i missed ur blogging. x)


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