Friday, October 21

seizing the day

Hello beautiful people!

This is my 81th post; and "My words and I"'s birthday is coming up quite soon.

Lately, I've thought a lot about seizing the day. I've thought about waking up in the morning and thinking "Okay, today is going to be a lovely day, and exciting day" And even if bad somehow seeps into my life, at least I can hold me head high and carry this thought into my heart.
Even school days, the long hours of class, if I look at them in the way that they could enrich me, and that I could thirst for knowledge and books, then it is possible to enjoy these days. 

Certain people, actually only one person,  has done a lot to bring me down, to make me stumble, trip and hurt myself. But I have kept a proud heart, and with the help of family, friends and even teachers I have won. I have burst through the surface and finally, I am free.

Free to touch the sky

Treat your days like gems: precious, valuable and beautiful.

With love,

P-S Joyeux Anniversaire Maman, Je T'Aime.

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