Friday, March 21

a picture tells 1000 words and all that jazz

So over christmas i received my first phone & though nothing beats the sound of the shutter and weight of my nikon d3100 as not the mention the quality of the pictures it takes, there's definitely something to say about being able to take pictures at any time with a phone that just slips into your pocket.
I've decided to share some of the pictures i've taken and the stories behind them.

This is a screenshot of a pep-talk/poem thing that I read on that really hit home. Especially the "What are you doing right now, that makes you excited to wake up each morning, even Mondays, that paints a smile on your lips?".

I fell upon this statue near the gym I do martial arts at, surrounded by a gate. Though I don't believe in a God per se, and this figure is obviously religious, I really loved how the light was falling on it and how it looked as if it could turn and look at me at any minute.

This is one of my favourite pictures of all time, we were coming home from a hike, and it was really really hot and arid. I remember the feeling of an open window and hot wind coming into the car, but my sister and I didn't really mind. This was definitely a moment of freedom.

This is a picture I don't really remember taking of my bedside table, this little dude holds my glasses every night and you can just see the shadow of the journal I keep by my bed in case inspiration hits me when I'm dozing off.

This is a picture of my mum driving us to the mall, it was the beginning of summer, and I was really getting along her as well as my little sister, and I felt like anything was possible. I also remember the very heavy and hot feeling in the air, and the smell of smoke, almost suffocating.

This is my school backpack I bought in Switzerland, when I went there for just a day. I love how it is exactly the same colour of this pine-corn-thing in this picture. At my school, since we have a uniform, backpacks are a big thing, and represent how you 'fit' in. The surf ones are the coolest and then progressively you have the more school-appropriate ones for the "less in fashion" kids. It's all pretty silly, but I like how no-one has the same pack as me.

This was also during the summer break, when my friend Lydia and I went to the pool and basically pigged out on food. She brought hummus, chips, cookies and thin bread, and I brought turkish pizza and dessert. It wasn't healthy but boy was it yum.

When driving to the coast house we were renting, we came across the 'Tree of Lost Souls' in the middle of greenery. In Aussie land greenery is rare, but I guess lost souls are even rarer.

This is a picture my mum took of me, once we had completed a 3 hour intensive trek, that consisted in different stages. The last one was a series of steep ladders and as I am slightly scared of heights it was a bit of an ordeal for me (look how hard I'm gripping that ladder). The scenery was stunning and made it worth it though.

This a picture of a little shrine I have in my room: you can see candles, my favourite magazine: yen, my Indian elephant and an unfinished collage.

This is a picture I took of my friend's room when I was over for a sleepover. She put a fabric on her walls to make this really cool spotty effect. I went there so we could work on a group project but we ended up just drinking tea and swooning over the Brittish guy from 'The Boat that Rocked'.

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